Tuesday, 20 March 2012

9 exciting days in Launceston in April 2012
with visiting artist
J O K O   S U S I L O

From 22-30 April 2012, people in and around Launceston will have some exciting opportunities. Joko Susilo, master dhalang, shadow puppeteer, and performer/ teacher of the Indonesian gamelan orchestra, is coming (back) to town. Joko undertook a three-month residency in Launceston in 2004 loved his time here, and is delighted to be able to stop in again briefly this year on his way to a residency in Queensland. Although necessarily less extensive than before, his program will nevertheless include a public performance of shadow puppet theatre, accompanied by the local gamelan orchestra, as well as gamelan workshops with school and university students and members of the public.

The location of the shadow puppet performance will be the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery-Royal Park on Sunday 29 April 2012
Gamelan Music and Shadow Puppet Masteclass are planned for Saturday 28 April 2012 from 10am, the workshop (s)  - more than one may be held depending on numbers.
email us for further details

Dr Joko Susilo is an eighth-generation traditional Indonesian puppeteer, lecturer in performing arts and acclaimed creator of experimental, collaborative puppetry performances. Originally from Solo in Central Java, he has performed widely in the United States, the UK, Europe and New Zealand.


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